Welcome to Dragonbane.

The Twelve Crowns were at peace. No war had ravaged the land for a decade and even the orcs in the north had not tried to invade for years. Humanity grew fat on the land and trade links brought silks from the east and wines from the south. Then the dragons came. Hordes of winged death came from the east with armies of savage beasts. City after city fell to the flame and sword as civilisation retreated to the west. After three short years of war as the dragons took each kingdom the last remnants of the civilised peoples fled the continent. Fourteen ships left the mainland and landed on Sanctuary, a small island in the Sea of Red Sun. The last of the Great Wizards erected a magical screen that made the island invisible from the air and prevented magical detection. That was two thousand years ago.
The elves retreated to the central forests and the dwarves mined the hills and dug their caverns. Humans from across the world split into the Twelve Tribes of Men, each now led by a Duke who sits on the Council of Twelve. Everyone on Sanctuary grows up with stories of the Homelands and dreams of the triumphant return, but in truth no-one knows what has happened there. Every fifty years a group of individuals is chosen to venture out and discover what has happened to the Homelands and if the dragons still rule. None has returned. So for the past few years the smiths have been hard at work crafting weapons, the magewrights have been crafting items of wonder to aid the adventurers, and the carpenters have been bring the good ship Dragonbane to life. Who will be her crew?